All About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Velvet Moron Records was started by me, Dave White, a guitar technician or if you're old school a  roadie. I work with some of the biggest artists to come out of the UK and still do. A lot of the recorded material released by VMR is either written or recorded at the side of a stage on tour with the many bands I work for. You can find more about me and my own music here at my own website 


VMR was initially started to release my own material and once the successful testing of that happened, I decided to move things on a bit. My own work Aelita Red was released in August 2017 as was projects with long time friend and collaborator Nathan Gee, with whom I make ambient electro soundtracks with. I also have another band House of Amber who make good old fashioned indie rock with.

At the moment all releases are digital and release to all the big digital stores such as iTunes and GooglePlay and we upload to streaming services such as Spotify, Napster and Deezer.

What next?

The next move is to sign more artists that are willing to grow with us. We also want to move into physical releases as well and get our artists music everywhere!

From working in live music over half my life, I've seen deals for bands get worse and worse, and the money spent on them less and less. Although VMR is far from being able to offer huge advances (at the moment) I believe the music industry had stunted the growth of good music and I want to encourage interesting new artists. Because the major record labels aren't willing to take a chance any more on music that isn't commercially viable immediately, bands and artists tailor their music to what is required to secure a big deal rather than experiment and do what they feel is right.


As Bill Hicks once said 'play from your fucking heart' and if you've ever seen that stand up routine about New Kids on the Block, then you should, it's right here. It's pretty much our philosophy. You don't have to die though. We don't want that. 

Want to be part if this?

If you think, you've got some interesting music that you think more people need to hear, then what are you waiting for? Hit that contact form and get in touch! 

We want people who love music and love to think about what they're making, people who don't want to be the next gormless pop star or just another singer songwriter, wether it's heavy and loud, banging electro, quiet and delicate or just plain weird, get in touch.

Our deals favour the artists, we have to cover our costs of course but we like to give the artist simple straight forward deals that don't twist your melon... man. If it sounds good, we want to hear it!

Put a bit of faith in us and we'll do the same for you!

One last thing...

Why have you got such a ridiculous name?

Quick story, when I was releasing the first release, I needed a name for my record company. My own company that VMR is part of is called E.D.I. Ltd which stands for Evil Dave Industries (my nickname given to me years ago by Mark Clayden from Pitchshifter). I thought it'd be easy to just name the company E.D.I. Records, luckily, just before I hit send on the first release, I decided to check if there was an E.D.I. Records and there bloody was! My dog Blue was sat next to me at the time, so I decided Blue Dog Records would be cool. Nope! Already taken. He's a whippet, Whippet Records! Nope! I call him the Velvet Moron because that's what he actually is, and thus the dream was born.

To be fair though, he's pretty cute and he's even got his own Instagram page. 

The Velvet Moron