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Down Yonderland

Please give a warm welcome to our 30th release in the shape of Down Yonderland by L.H.B.. Jump down the rabbit hole and discover the debut album from Leeds based singer-songwriter L.H.B. aka Lucy Banks. Her unique blend of pop and ambient, ethereal electro is a noteworthy addition to our catalogue and has no comparison. You just have to listen!

Get the debut album now on all digital download platforms and streaming services. Click Get Album on the albums page and find the link to your preferred platform! Down Yonderland also includes the single 'You Are Fire' and be sure to check out the first L.H.B. release 'Hear The Sound' on our EPs page.

You Are Fire Is Out Now

Yes that's right! The new LHB single is out now on all digital download platforms and streaming services! Get on it here first. Head over to the singles page and find out where you can get it! Stay tuned for more info on the debut LHB album as well.

You Are Fire

This week we are proud to release the new single from L.H.B. Her debut EP was released in February of this year and we now have the single from the debut album Down Yonderland. Slated for release in December.

Right now you can pre-order the single You Are Fire on our BandCamp store for just £1. Simply click here and we'll take you there! Single is released on all digital download platforms and streaming services on 8th November.

Aaaaand We're back!

After a short break of paternity leave, VMR is back. We have a great new release coming soon from our very own L.H.B. You may remember her debut EP, Hear The Sound, dropped in February this year and has already amassed 57,000 streams on Spotify alone. If you're a fan of haunting, ambient electro pop, then get over to the EPs page and bag yourself a copy of this stunning first offering. 

We've already heard the album and you are going to love it. There's noting quite like L.H.B. out there. The first single from the album 'You Are Fire' is due for release very soon, so keep up on VMR news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out when the first part of this epic sage starts!

Once again, thanks for sticking with us and supporting our artists during our hiatus. Spread the word and keep supporting independant artists.

Welcome Lennon

VMR will be taking a brief break from releases and working with new artists as we welcome the latest addition to the family. Say hello to Lennon James White. As VMR is a one man operation the time and care that goes into the label will now be diverted to this cheeky little chimp we now have. Fear not though, we have all new releases coming later this year from Aelita Red, L.H.B. and more! Stay tuned and in the meantime, check out our back catalogue and enjoy some proper home-made goodness from our artists! See you soon.

Defend The Rhino

Today we release the 4th album by Canadian multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Sutton AKA Defend The Rhino. This is his VMR debut and you should check out previous works as well as it's totally worth it!  Glisten is a beautiful, textured instrumental work of art spanning genres and bringing you a cinematic soundscape to explore. Glisten is available now on all digital download platforms and streaming services. Go to our albums page to get it on your favourite service. 

Jester release debut album

Yes it's true! Jester have finally released their debut album, Shadows Need A Light.

If you're lucky enough to be in the Emerald Isle then you can catch Jester at one of their album launch parties!

15th March : Whelan's, Dublin

16th March : The Source Theatre, Thurles

23rd March : De Barras, Clonakilty

24th March : Crane Lane Theatre, Cork

You can also pick up a copy of the album at these shows. Get over to the albums page to find the album on your favourite digital download platform or streaming service!

Glisten here!

Today we'd like to introduce you to a new artist on the label Defend The Rhino. This project is the work of multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Sutton. Hailing from Edmonton, Canada (because we can never have enough Canadians on VMR) Defend The Rhino presents instrumental, cinematic tunes with big melodies and soaring riffs. You can check out previous releases, There's No Place Like Home, Static Breeze and Fabricated on digital download platforms and streaming services now. 

We will be releasing the new album Glisten on 12th April. Stay tuned for more info.

Shadows Need A Light

Roll up, roll up! Step right this way! You are heading for the eargasm that is the debut Jester album! A firm favourite with VMR's fans and an absolute belter we can't wait to share with you! If you can wait till March 15th (you'll have to) then you'll be in for a treat. As previous releases have shown, County Tipperary's Jester are chock full of rocking tunes with huge singalong catchy choruses that you'll have trouble dislodging from your brain! Watch this space! 

Click on the pic to pre-order the album exclusively from our BandCamp site.

Ladies & Gentlemen L.H.B.

Please welcome our newest artist L.H.B.. Leeds based artist and songwriter. Ambient beats, ethereal vocals and haunting melodies make for a promising debut release. 

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